Save the Date: February 18th

What’s better than getting drunk in the afternoon and regretting it the next day? Getting out and meeting strangers interested in London’s best bookshops and a bookish quiz, that’s what!


No, I’m not getting married, much to the disappointment of my mother. But this is better than a wedding: The London Bookshop Crawl  organised by Ninja Book Box. It’s like a pub crawl but better, even if the pub crawl might be wetter.

Moz, cut the prosaic nonsense, tell us what it is. Ok, ok, The London Bookshop Crawl is exactly what it says on the tin: an afternoon of crawling through some of London’s best independent (and some non-indie) bookshops with other book lovers and potential new friends. What better way to spend a February Saturday?

Currently, the spaces on the guided tours are all taken but there are still FREE tickets available if you want to trail through the shops at your own leisure. Tickets are available through Eventbrite (click here to register for yours).

Unfortunately I was also late to the party, so I’ve missed out on one of the guided tours too but am on the waiting list should a space become available! You can also sign up to take part in the “Bookish” quiz taking place after the crawl which promises to be a great chance to meet some new people and maybe get to know those you bumped into along the way of the book crawl.

I for one am excited. Maybe you are too, check out the event’s Facebook Page for more details and updates!


The 2017 Reading Challenge And Why I’m Not Partaking

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that one of the phrases I say most often is “I’m a busy person. I don’t have time for that.” So for 2017, my challenge isn’t to read a mountain of books I barely notice and maybe yours shouldn’t be either.

Happy New Year CrackedSpiners!

January is finally here, and it’s a new year new you! This year you’re going to get back to the gym, eat healthy, and finally complete a Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 books. It’s going to be you best year yet… But it’s not really is it? Chances are we’ll stick to the gym for a few weeks, eat a cereal bar and pretend it wasn’t a Coco Pops cereal bar, and then spend the rest of the year staring at the Goodreads Challenge as it let’s you know how you’re not meeting your target.

Now, I’ve done the Goodreads Challenge in the past, don’t get me wrong. I love the feeling of clocking up those public announcements of who’s on track and working hard to meet their goal. That’s the problem though, I’m working hard to meet the goal. I’m not reading for pleasure but to beat the others. It became a drudgery of books to read and how to offset those sluggish months where even finishing one and cracking a new spine seemed a huge task.

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that one of the phrases I say most often is “I’m a busy person. I don’t have time for that.” So for 2017, my challenge isn’t to read a mountain of books I barely notice while I devour them. Instead I’m opting for “By the end of 2017 I will have read and enjoyed at least one part of the books I find time for” maybe such a goal will be more helpful to anyone struggling to get back into reading than a mammoth target!

New year, same blogger,


P.S to the lucky searcher who found this blog with the “small t!ts” Google Search, we apologise for the confusion.

Header Image via Goodreads.

Review: The Peculiarity of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

It’s like x-men in Wales

I’m a sucker for a great title. The more intriguing the title, the more likely I’ll be to read the book. I think that’s why I’ve often been dragged into books filled with utter muck in genres most people know to avoid. That said, there have been some titles which didn’t just grab me, but held me down too. For example, The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared is a curious title that precedes an excellent read (so excellent that I mistakenly read it twice, not realising until I turned to the last chapter). Naturally, therefore, I was instantly attracted by Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

This is my own 1st edition copy I snapped up in a charity shop for 1 pound

Not only is the title of this novel incredibly eye-catching, but so too is the presentation of the novel. The story is accompanied by found photographs of times gone by, which the author has come by throughout his days collecting unusual photographs. These pictures are the inspiration for the titular peculiar children, as they are of camera tricks making the children appear to be levitating or super strong. Riggs has built his story around these pictures in a very novel way. I must say I did find some of the photographs very interesting and they added an extra something to the novel, or rather as the case probably was the story added more to the photographs.

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