WLR: Mystery Edition 

It’s that bleak humour that makes me love Christie, a blasé flaunting of the ridiculous that somehow seems plausible as we read it.


Featured Reader: A devilishly handsome man hiding behind a book. AKA Moz but I prefer the mystery man title.

Currently Reading: Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie.

Favourite Part/Line: While trying to recruit a spy, a character pitches the mission in the least appealing way possible, and yet it works: “I’m suggesting another method. Rather a sporting method really. There’s some excitement in it too. I’ll be fair with you. There’s just a hundred to one chance you mightn’t die. But I don’t believe under the circumstances, that you’d really object by that time.” It’s that bleak humour that makes me love Christie, a blasé flaunting of the ridiculous that somehow seems plausible as we read it.

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Literature and Liquor: A Lively Saturday Night

Thinking of swooning into some Mills and Boon? Or guilty pleasure reading one of the endless ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ clones? Then look no further than the 2 for £10 on Chardonnay at your local Tesco.

It’s Saturday night! That means it’s time to get your game on and really have a wild time. Of course by wild, I do mean Wilde as in Oscar (or perhaps Lori Wilde). I just wish I were currently reading something by Wilde to make this more appropriate, alas I’m not.

However, I have heard tell of an exciting new drinking game for all you dedicated drinkers readers out there. It’s called Literature and Liquor and the rules are super simple: Fill a cup with a suitable beverage and every time you feel a thirst; take a sip. See? I told you it’d be easy.

If you are struggling with a great pairing for your current novel, well then I’ve got some suggestions based on what you’re reading. You’ll love it. Trust me. Or don’t, all you really know about me is the fact that I have a blog and what I like to read.

Noir Crime: Whisky on the rocks

picture4This one goes without saying. What better way to enjoy the exploits of Detective Ethan Granger and the mysterious femme fatale Violet Dunrong than with a detective classic. Simple and effective. If looking for a real detective in the genre, Die recommended Raymond Chandler’s ‘The Big Sleep‘, a story of a dying man’s wish to uncover the mystery of his daughter’s blackmailer which plunges iconic detective Phillip Marlowe into the underbelly of an uptight high society. This story was also adapted for cinema with Humphrey Bogart in the title role, so you know it’s a goody!

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