Literature and Liquor: A Lively Saturday Night

Thinking of swooning into some Mills and Boon? Or guilty pleasure reading one of the endless ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ clones? Then look no further than the 2 for £10 on Chardonnay at your local Tesco.


It’s Saturday night! That means it’s time to get your game on and really have a wild time. Of course by wild, I do mean Wilde as in Oscar (or perhaps Lori Wilde). I just wish I were currently reading something by Wilde to make this more appropriate, alas I’m not.

However, I have heard tell of an exciting new drinking game for all you dedicated drinkers readers out there. It’s called Literature and Liquor and the rules are super simple: Fill a cup with a suitable beverage and every time you feel a thirst; take a sip. See? I told you it’d be easy.

If you are struggling with a great pairing for your current novel, well then I’ve got some suggestions based on what you’re reading. You’ll love it. Trust me. Or don’t, all you really know about me is the fact that I have a blog and what I like to read.

Noir Crime: Whisky on the rocks

picture4This one goes without saying. What better way to enjoy the exploits of Detective Ethan Granger and the mysterious femme fatale Violet Dunrong than with a detective classic. Simple and effective. If looking for a real detective in the genre, Die recommended Raymond Chandler’s ‘The Big Sleep‘, a story of a dying man’s wish to uncover the mystery of his daughter’s blackmailer which plunges iconic detective Phillip Marlowe into the underbelly of an uptight high society. This story was also adapted for cinema with Humphrey Bogart in the title role, so you know it’s a goody!

Fantasy: Mead or Ale


This is official and available at via )

I don’t think I’m yet to read a Fantasy novel in which the chosen one/stableboy from nowhere/king/queen/mother of dragons doesn’t, at some point or another, pick up a mug of ale or mead. Although I’m sure we’re a far sight from the grog they were drinking in whichever period of time emulated by the author, you’ll probably be glad beer making has made it easier for you to pick up whatever it is you choose to drink and read at home rather in the corner of some unavoidable rowdy alehouse or shabby inn’s common room. Make sure you can immerse yourself in the novel by experiencing the real-life thrill of throwing what you favourite character is drinking down your own neck at the same time.



Cheesy Romance: Chardonnay

Thinking of swooning into some Mills and Boon? Or guilty pleasure reading one of the endless ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ clones? Then look no further than the 2 for £10 on Chardonnay at your local Tesco. Just like the last time you were overindulged at a barbecue. When your boyfriend plucked a pansy from the nearest flower-bed and you thought it was the most romantic gesture, so too will the “I realised I loved you all along” ending seem to be the highest relationship goal a boy or girl could dream of.

Classics: Brandy (by a fireplace)

shutterstock_131302163With the Bronte200 kicking off this year with it being 200 years sine the birth of Charlotte Bronte in 1816, maybe you want to break out Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights  by her sister Emily. A tome so fine could only be for those far more refined than myself and pair best with a glass of brandy in a crystal snifter. The pipe is optional depending on how far gone you are.

Anything sad: Gin and Tonic

asking2bfor2bitWe’re going to be crying one way or another with this one so may as well go for broke and combine the two sure fire keys to crying your eyes out at 2:30 in the morning: Gin and a sad book. I myself am opting for ‘Asking for It’ by Louise O’Neill and a Hendricks on ice, no lemon. I literally cannot recommend this combination highly enough, not only will the gin make the book’s more graphic parts bearable but will also excuse the tears you will cry with how achingly beautiful and horrifying this novel is. It’s also important to note here that this is not a read for everyone as the content is extremely graphic. (Review here).


So, when we all wake up dying on Sunday morning I suggest we all grab big mugs of tea and settle in with an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Who’s with me?


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